Law of Attraction – My Unique Relationship to It

Does Law of Attraction Work Differently for Each of Us?

the secretSeveral years after the movie “The Secret”, information and writing about the Law of Attraction still abounds everywhere on the internet.The reasons for that are many and here are the ones I can think of:

  • It’s true. My husband, a scientist, assures me that Law of Attraction is. I’ve also seen What the Bleep (5 times) and read some books on quantum physics. When I’m feeling smart I understand that it is true, too.
  • Everyone wants more in their life that they like. How do we know we don’t like this thing or that person or a certain situation? Inside is some image we have of what we want and like. So we know if we aren’t getting it.
  • Everyone wants to know how to get that life and do it on purpose. Sometimes we even have bad feelings and judgments about someone just because it all looks so easy for them.
  • We all want to feel like the architects of our own lives.

I’ve written about it before. However, I was giving myself a little talk before because I had thoughts like, “You should be on twitter. You should do a better job of SEO on your blog, blah, blah, blah.” Anyway, as my clients know, I practice what I preach so I was busy reminding myself what is true for me and what has worked so well in my life:

  1. I know I attract what I put my attention on. Everyone attracts what they put their attention on – Law of Attraction in a nutshell. However, we are each different. We look different, we have different genetics, etc. Obvious. But it is my opinion and observation that we each attract differently too. Some people attract what they want by going very directly after it – hence the highly successful salesperson you just love and can’t really resist either. That is not me. If I tried to sell you anything, you’d probably want to run the other way. Literally, after much experience (some of it grueling) I have learned I need to wait to be asked.
  2. I know if I don’t get my fear and lack thoughts pretty much out of my head, I will not be attracting what I want. I will be attracting what I’m focusing on.
  3. Since feelings follow thought and I sometimes just quickly feel things, I need to know how to process through those feelings and back to center (positive) as quickly as I can. But denying my feelings doesn’t work. It is just me trying to trick myself. So, in other words, just positive thinking doesn’t work.

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Law of Attraction – Goethe Knew the Secret


Begin It Now!

I’ve been dabbling around in personal and spiritual growth for around 35 years – a long time. I’ve learned a lot and seen trends and think, sometimes, that something was gimmicky or flat and then, all of a sudden I awake! It really isn’t just a saying. It’s the truth. Below is a quote from Goethe which I had learned commitwhen I started working for a “New Age” sales manager in 1986. At the time I was just attracted to the novelty of  spiritual realization and had not really made a commitment to my spiritual growth.  The quote:

Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back– Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth that ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius,power, and magic in it. Begin it now.      Goethe

All of a sudden the other day part of the quote popped into my head, “Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.” In a nutshell, that is the Law of Attraction. If you can see it or dream it, you will attract it – the power and the magic. The only caveat is you REALLY have to believe it. And for me and most others, it is a gradual process – not an overnight event. The step you must take is to commit. It is the difference between thinking of something and doing.  It could take time but the main step is commitment.

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Marriage and Money Communication

I haven’t written anything about marriage and money so far but I think it’s a good topic since I believe most marriages have big issues around money.

marriage-money-240cs062811Like other areas of our lives, we each have our stuff (definition: Ego + Unheard, Unprocessed Emotions + Unmet Needs). I come from a family where there was a lot of fear and denial around money. My mother was very afraid of not having enough. I believe my father was also afraid but he covered it with many layers of denial. So I come by my stuff quite honestly from the environment I unconsciously absorbed for the first 22 years of my life. I’ve certainly experienced fear around not having enough and in some ways covered that over with denial – a fine combination of both my mother’s and father’s emotional imprints.

The Martian has his own but I’ll let him comment on that. Anyway, since we both believe we attract into our lives at the level of vibration our emotional selves are at (Law of Attraction), we’ve done just that. We’ve always had enough even when we lost it all in 2001 at which time we both experienced intense fear for months. I’m guessing that to some extent our financial situation right now is reflective of all those months of fear.

I’m not aware of much, if any fear, about not enough these days but I only know the full truth about it by looking at the results in my life.

So back to money in our relationship. It’s never been an issue. Because of our high level of honesty and communication, money issues fall under the topic “Everything We Talk About” and we know where the other is. Also, because we have a real partnership attitude, it’s never mattered whether I was earning more or he was earning more. When I was earning more doing work I hated, I was very honest about my resentful feelings that he could not do this kind of work and got through them to the benefit of enhanced closeness and communication.

I guess money issues are only a separate issue if you don’t keep them open and honest and communicate whatever is going on with you about them with your partner.

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Even Life Coaches Need Self Help Solutions

Law of Attraction and Me

When you read around this blog, you might get the impression that I have it all under control. Many experts talk and act as if they have resolved every issue in their lives – particularly the ones they teach about. Let me assure you that although I feel as if I have something to teach and offer you, I don’t feel I have it all down. I still have me to deal with.  I need my own self help solutions. My perspective on that is that I need reminders of what it’s like so I keep fresh in my teaching. Having watched a person become famous and how challenging that is for the ego, I think it helps in that aspect too.

So, I do teach and talk about the Law of Attraction and what it takes to create what you want. I talk about the neuronet and the emotions and how to create your own self help solutions. This page has a good array of those topics. Here I’d like to talk about two I haven’t mentioned yet. I need these to change my emotional viewpoint when I woke up today.

  1. Talking yourself down – Abraham Hicks talks about this. Example: this morning I woke up seeing the glass halfScreen Shot 2013-10-14 at 3.11.40 PM empty. A few days ago over 650 people came to look at my site. I was so excited and the day after, when that number went down to the 100+ area, I told myself that the 650 was a great place to keep focused on and visualize and expect. Well, today I could only see low, low, low. So here’s the first thing I did. I started talking myself down saying things like this to myself: “OK. So you feel this way now and you’ve felt this way before about things and you know pretty soon this will change. Your thoughts and feelings come and go. Remember when you just knew that the big number was just a point of power not a point to beat yourself up about.” As I did this I started to feel a little better. Instead of resenting my husband for the lousy way he completed the kitchen clean-up, I let in a few thoughts about how great he was to keep helping. Then, instead of taking what felt like the longer route of continuing to talk to myself, I hit on the idea of #2.
  • Uplifting distraction – I put on my IPOD and listened to my favorite music.  I usually listen to music while doing housework instead of just do cleaning.  I lose myself in my music and don’t even realize what I’m doing. And best of all, all thoughts immediately stop. By the time I’m finished, I feel good about my accomplishment and the music has done its magic.  I  like John Denver, Shanti Shanti, the Beatles and other folks who do music that inspires me – often with spiritual themes.

So those are two more of my tricks to self-coach me which you certainly can borrow. Most important is my attitude that no bad mood is worth the so-called luxury of feeling lousy. Find out what self help solutions work best for you.

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Attract Abundance in “This Economy”!

How Can I Attract Abundance?


Every news media one reads or sees these days is predicting economic horrors or reporting on the current ones.  This cannot help you to attract abundance into your life.  Since I’ve been alive the past 70 years, I have lived though many different economies. What I’ve noticed is that just like people – they change and the change is constant.

My husband is a pretty smart guy and has a talent and gift for seeing the big picture. He says, after trying to scope it all out, that the economy is all in our minds. And I say, “We have control over those.” Am I not noticing the facts? It is group consciousness that created the world economy such as it is and it is group consciousness that will create something different – one mind at a time.

Remember in the movie What the Bleep Do We Know? how we saw how we are biochemically addicted or ourchakras-gateways-to-consciousness emotional states? (If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it.) The media knows this and is selling us the fear that is addictive. Because it is addictive it keeps us coming back for more and more and more. Ultimately, as we buy into the fear that they are selling and we are addicted to, our negative vibrations then create what we have – a big, negative mess.

How can we change it?

Taking responsibility for our own minds. To attract abundance we must filter what goes into our mind and feelings. The Law of Attraction works. It works in our individual lives and it works in our group conscious mind even bigger. The more we focus, the more we will get.

So my question to you is, WHERE IS YOUR MIND FOCUSED TODAY? Have you learned how to deal with and process through your negative feelings and emotions and keep finding a way to truly be positive? Not just the words, but the actual feelings.

Now that you’re done, I have one thing left I’d like you to do.

I’d love to hear your thoughts so comment below and (uh oh this is 2) please follow this blog over there on the right. I’d love to get to know you.

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How to Get More from the Law of Attraction

They Never Tell You This Part

The more we can learn about the Law of Attraction the more we can apply it to our lives.  It seems their are parts of the law that most people don’t explain.

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 6.39.29 AMSomeone in my life has had almost lifelong issues with asking for what he wants which sometimes translates into lots of fear around standing up for what he knows is right. Since he too has a Life Is a School attitude, he uses his well-developed Observer to watch himself go through the fear and ineffective thoughts, feelings and behaviors when something like car trouble comes up.

He has a manufacturer warranty, a warranty from the local car place he bought the car from and additionally he bought a 4-year warranty to add onto all of that. Last week the car broke down and he has not had the use of it for a week.

After he went through all the thoughts and judgments and feelings about being a lousy car chooser (when he loves his reputation as a great researcher and knower about cars) he was up against his fear of standing up for what he wants – one of the three companies to get on the stick and get the car fixed for him.

This morning he continued his work on changing his thoughts and feelings about all of this – determined to overcome his reticence and this is what happened:

  • He went to work and immediately ran into a former attorney he knows who told him how to take the case to small claims court if need be
  • He called the local dealer where the car is and found out the process for repair has begun and he should have the car by tomorrow!
  • Conclusions : he created a different outcome by working on his thoughts and feelings and his Observer was able to help him with that.

So what’s the part that few people talk about when they teach Law of Attraction?

  1. your thoughts create your feelings and
  2. your feelings create your vibration and your creations will match your vibration but
  3. they never seem to tell you about the Life Is a School attitude which helps you create more and more expanded awareness. It helps you become aware of the objective Observer that lives in our consciousness which allows you to stay out of denial and let’s you know how you are creating.

Law of Attraction – What’s Missing?

Law of Attraction – More

Nobody can deny The Secret was a big success. Why do people still seem to have trouble making the Law of Attraction work for them? Most people are still missing one little factor in making it work for them: you attract what you focus on. So, if you are focusing on what you are lacking, you are drawing to you more  of what you lack. It is very simple. Knock off the self pity after 5 minutes. A very wise woman once told me I was allowed 15 minutes of complaining and feeling sorry for myself a day .

Forget about everything that you don’t have and be grateful for all that you do have. Stop repeating to yourself over and over what you can’t afford and what you are going without. You are just proving to yourself that the Law of Attraction really does work.

Negative thinking is a habit, a bad habit and one that you need to break to make the Law of Attraction work for you. Like any other bad habit, with a strong commitment and determination you can break the habit. Break the negative habit by becoming very aware of your thoughts. If you pay attention to your thoughts for a few days, you will begin to pick up every time a negative thought comes into your mind. When you become good at recognizing these thoughts, then it is time to start to change them. Also, pay attention to your feelings. They are a sure indicator of what you are thinking.

When you find yourself thinking something negative, stop and change the thought to the opposite of whatever it is. Concentrate on this positive thought for a moment and experience how it makes you feel. Eventually, this will become a new habit for you and soon you will automatically begin thinking more positives and less negatives.

But here’s the kicker. Our thoughts create our feelings. And we are generally actually addicted to our feelings. So our work is really cut out for us. But since life is a journey and a school, what’s the hurry? We’ll likely just come back and choose to do it all over again anyway.