Expressing Gratitude Brings Me Closer to Myself

I am 72. I was born during a World War – another “war to end all wars”. I’ve lived through the Korean War, the Vietnam War, entrenched fear of Communism, Middle East Wars, September 11th, jobs I hated, a challenging marriage, teenagers with troubles – sometimes very big ones, financial losses, early stages of breast cancer and many other events both personal and world events.

gratitude2How can I experience all of this and still feel happy, joyous, grateful and optimistic with an inner knowing that we are all in for amazing wonders of planetary transformation? How can I have such a great life with so much expanding love of family, friends and complete strangers? How can I be seeing material success beginning to occur even within the current economic climate? Am I different than others? Am I more blessed? More special?

I think not. I think that on a personal level I have begun to understand how life works. My experience has shown me to:

  • learn how to focus on what’s good
  • learn how to let go of the old negative tapes I’ve picked up from various places in my life
  • tell the truth of how I feel – at least to myself
  • keep expressing gratitude
  • know for sure what makes me happy

By doing these I  not only create the life I want, I contribute to the positive vibrations on the planet and get to be a part of the solution.

I am no different than you. We are all one. We all effect each other by our very eye blink. With all that said, I will tell you what I am grateful for:

  • I am grateful that I have 5 beautiful grandchildren, 4 wonderful kids with various amazing partners, step-children, friends, clients – love abounding!
  • I am grateful I am my right weight and able to maintain it and love myself in the doing.
  • I am grateful for our Wii Fit and that I am willing to use it quite often.
  • I am grateful for my  smartphone and my  iMac.
  • I am grateful for all the wonderful connections I’ve made all over the world by doing social networking.
  • I am grateful for knowledge of how to feed my body and keep it healthy.
  • I am grateful for all the wonderful teachers I’ve had including John Gray and Barbara deAngelis.
  • I am grateful that I could go on and on and on.

Expressing gratitude works to create the life of your dreams. What are you grateful for?

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Finding Inner Peace Through Understanding

Forgiveness and Inner Peace

inner peaceTo embrace inner peace you must release any need to be forgiven. Many people hold onto resentment and anger and refuse to change until the person(s) who harmed them seeks their forgiveness. This attitude keeps them locked in fear and causes them to deny their own inner peace, their own soul, and Source.

If we look at the big picture, we are all souls exploring this Universe. Whatever we experience with others is what we have chosen – at least on a soul level. Usually, the people that cause us the most heartache have the greatest attachment for us on a soul level. We have a powerful bond of love with them and choose to go through our great human dramas with them.  Sometimes finding inner peace when we are in a powerful relationship is hard.  Fear can set in and hold us back from finding our true selves.

Fear is the opposite of love and inner peace.  We cannot experience fear  when we come from a place of love and awareness. In order for us to take control of where we are, we have to accept that what we are experiencing was created by our own actions and learn from them.   We come to realize we don’t need to seek forgiveness but to embrace gratitude about what we have experienced – so that we can understand more about creating with the energies of love not of fear.

When you allow yourself to embrace gratitude towards those you have co-created your experiences with, you will open to the truth of your inner peace. When you finally understand that whole paradigm from a place of learning and understanding, your creations will no longer control you, the creator. It is only then that you will be free to be who you really are – a powerful, unlimited source of inner peace.

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The Secret Need of Modern Women- An Insight for Living

An Insight for Living

Got anybody’s attention yet? You know who you are. You love what you do. You can’t wait to….coach, see therapy patients, work on your website, write in your blog, go on facebook, create a new class, write a new ebook, etc.

You have working relationships with family, friends, partners, etc. You exercise several times a week and eat healthy. You have everything you ever wanted. So all your needs are satisfied, right?

  • Then why do you feel a little bored?
  • Why can’t you quite find the juice to express gratitude in a feeling way for all that you have?
  • Why do you feel a little resentful of your loving partner when he/she is around and hasn’t done anything untoward?

The Secret:

nurtureNo work. No giving – except to yourself. No supporting – except yourself. And, most important, no self-judgment about how much time you are wasting and could be doing something else because “I’m happy and lucky”, right?

It’s supposed to be an OLD story that women are only nurturers. Many fought for equal rights. Most of us observe that men watch sports or play sports or have a hobby with no guilt – just enjoyment. That is a man’s insight for living. Well, that’s one of our rights also.

What day are you going to take for yourself? Or, what hour? And what are you going to do that is just for you?

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Did you know that feeling gratitude connects us?

Gratitude Connects Us

EARTHQUAKES CA LOS ANGELESDid you know that feeling gratitude connects us? I live in Los Angeles. In 1994, we had a 6.7 magnitude  earthquake centered in Northridge. I remember waking up to my bed being lifted and shaken was one of the scariest experiences of my life.  It was as if a giant had picked me up and dropped me again. I feel scared now as I write this as I still live and love Los Angeles.

After quickly dressing and getting out of the apartment, checking in with neighbors and notifying children of our safety, my husband and I decided to take a long walk around the area to see what damage had occurred.

We were amazed to find everyone we walked by smiling and exchanging greetings and warm words with us.

This was L.A. No one ever looks at you as you walk by (unless you’re a beautiful young person.) No one ever smiles. Only  street people asking for a handout ever talk to you.

But the gift we received was connecting to these L.A. strangers’ humanity. Under their fear and apprehension, everyone we met felt as we did – grateful to be alive and wanting to connect. Before this earthshaking event I always thought of Los Angeles as a pretty unfriendly place.

Now when I see  people I don’t know no matter where I am, I remind myself who’s really inside the strangers I see. We don’t have to wait until earthquakes and 9/11 tragedies to have gratitude towards our loving, smiling neighbors.

And don’t wait for the next death or illness in your own family to tell and show the people in your family that you love them and are grateful they are in your life.

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Reflective Journal – When My Inner Child Is Screaming and I Want Inner Peace

Journaling? Inner Child? Inner Peace?

In the darker ages of My journal from 1980personal growth – the ’80′s, before the Internet and cell phones and communities with an online reflective journal, I seemingly stumbled upon journaling and the terms inner peace and inner child over the span of 2 or 3 years. In my spiritual program, the 12-Steps, the buzz around the program was to keep a reflective journal. In it I could write my feelings and my gratitude lists and my complaints. Just get it out of my obsessive head. I have a couple of those journals and I see that they represent the history of my growth as a human being.

In them are hopes, dreams, Love Letters, pleading letters to God, gratitude. In those pages you will find my self growth from the first days of my 180 degree turn around through various momentous life experiences and learning.

Back then, as I hung around the program and started to absorb all that I was hearing at a deeper level, I came to believe that it was possible for me to have inner peace.  It still sounded like some sort of fairy tale but I did notice how many people talked about it.  I personally had never experienced anything like it. I certainly could relate to having experienced lots of pain but my basically optimistic nature latched on to anything I heard that sounded faintly hopeful that I could feel better than I had felt in most of the previous 33 years. Inner peace had that optimistic ring to it.

Then a couple of years later I stumbled again – right into a program that taught me about my inner child. I have no idea where I thought each age I had gone through went but it seemed a bit of a revelation to learn that that inner child was me!

It’s many years later now, I’ve experienced much healing, lots of journaling, much processing of feelings, coaching of me and by me, and growing. I now realize that the tools offered right here on this site, YOU University Coaching is the 2015 version of where to go, who to talk to and what to do when your inner child is screaming and you want inner peace.