Finding Inner Peace Through Understanding

Forgiveness and Inner Peace

inner peaceTo embrace inner peace you must release any need to be forgiven. Many people hold onto resentment and anger and refuse to change until the person(s) who harmed them seeks their forgiveness. This attitude keeps them locked in fear and causes them to deny their own inner peace, their own soul, and Source.

If we look at the big picture, we are all souls exploring this Universe. Whatever we experience with others is what we have chosen – at least on a soul level. Usually, the people that cause us the most heartache have the greatest attachment for us on a soul level. We have a powerful bond of love with them and choose to go through our great human dramas with them.  Sometimes finding inner peace when we are in a powerful relationship is hard.  Fear can set in and hold us back from finding our true selves.

Fear is the opposite of love and inner peace.  We cannot experience fear  when we come from a place of love and awareness. In order for us to take control of where we are, we have to accept that what we are experiencing was created by our own actions and learn from them.   We come to realize we don’t need to seek forgiveness but to embrace gratitude about what we have experienced – so that we can understand more about creating with the energies of love not of fear.

When you allow yourself to embrace gratitude towards those you have co-created your experiences with, you will open to the truth of your inner peace. When you finally understand that whole paradigm from a place of learning and understanding, your creations will no longer control you, the creator. It is only then that you will be free to be who you really are – a powerful, unlimited source of inner peace.

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Leaders Can Teach Us to Forgive But Most Likely We Will Teach Them

I recently ran across this headline:
An Open Letter to Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari from A Saudi Friend

Our world leaders can teach us all how to forgive. As a matter of fact, if they don’t start learning how to do it and find inner peace, they will likely blow us all up!

When asked if he held anger for those who imprisoned him, Nelson Mandela responded “that South Africa was too important for him to feel anger. Imagine what would have happened if Mandela had taken the road of personal revenge”.

We must find inner peace if we want to spread it to our leaders.  It truly is up to each one of us.

The Path to Inner Peace Is Paved in Forgiveness

There are many tools and techniques that some coaches can teach you to learn how to forgive. There are many more on the internet and in the zillion self-help books that abound everywhere. You can go to a therapist for help.

But I firmly believe that we will have to be the leaders and teach our leaders how to do it. Mandela is a man amongst many with a vision that realizes forgiveness is for yourself. It is you who have anger and hurt living in you and hurting you emotionally, physically and spiritually. And if you realize the consequences to your life in light of Law of Attraction which states like attracts like, you will understand that when you don’t forgive, you attract more into your life at the low vibration of those feelings. When you forgive, you attract love and inner peace.

Now that you’re done, I have one thing left I’d like you to do.

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A Testimonial to the Power of Forgiveness

Forgiveness and Love Letters

My daughter made a great suggestion. She said, “If your site is all about life coaching, why not ask clients to participate also.” Ask them to write  something after their session and post it so people can hear results from a real client.” So that is what you will find on this page. Enjoy!


Maia, in today’s session you reminded me of a powerful tool I have available, and will use immediately to heal myself and my family, which is forgiveness.  You pointed out how I refer to my ex husband whenever I mention him, which may be one of the causes of the friction in my family.

Talking about my recent dreams and finding the interpretation to them with your insight has cleared my mind about the next steps to take in my life; thanks for your soothing words by telling me to calm down and that I don’t have to do anything at this time, knowing that I am never given more than I can handle.  I needed to hear that.

I will be working on the assignment of the love letters to bring about more healing in my life. As always, thanks.  I feel so much better after our session.

Now that you’re done, I have one thing left I’d like you to do.

I’d love to hear your thoughts so comment below and (uh oh this is 2) please follow this blog over there on the right. I’d love to get to know you.

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