Exercise – Taking Care of My Aging Body


Well, when your reputation is staked on being able to find the good and learning from everything, you can’t just start becoming a victim of either your aging body or any beliefs about what aging means. So my adventure here on Planet Earth at age 72 is like this and this is what I’m learning:

An aging body will sure teach you to take care of your body. The results of not doing it can be felt almost immediately. I pretty much got through my life doing a very minimum of exercise still looking OK and being abaging exercisele to move rather automatically.

Can’t get away with that any more. It doesn’t matter whether I have issues and want to take my time getting over this, it will not cooperate. If I don’t exercise frequently – like daily – I feel not great in my body and my balance and strength dwindles perceptibly even though I eat very, very healthy and have done so for years.


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Life Is So Damn Much Life

I teach people how to get their emotions in order – what are they, how to get through the hard ones, how to get to the good ones and not have the hard ones always be in control. As a result their lives and their feelings about themselves change drastically and dramatically – all to the good.


“I want to be her again today”

So what happens to the teacher when she is having one of “those” days? Well, I’ll tell you. I’m pissed off that things aren’t how I want them to be. I can neither sit, stand, walk or lay down totally comfortably for very long – and it’s been months – and it’s really gotten to my head today. Not only that, the bank made a dumb error that I have to call them about and several other “first world” issues that I feel too embarrassed to publicly moan about. But Damn! Life is so hard sometimes.

And I don’t even feel like being spiritual about it (but I will sneak in and say that Someone has played exactly the song I needed to hear this morning, the Beatles “Because” and put exactly the right book into my hands, Steve Jobs biography, and had me turn on a documentary about very emotional, very creative Isaac Mizrachi all of which reminded me that a) fame and success is no barrier to feeling upset, b) even people who have lots of emotional difficulties contribute greatly to the world and c) because the sky is blue it turns me on). But, as I said, I don’t feel like being spiritual or grateful today. 

I just want to scream, complain and be downright annoying. I want to be a little baby again. Just like I was in the picture sometime in 1943.

I know tomorrow will be a better day and if I go clean my dumb kitchen, I’ll feel better.

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Life Is a School – New Lessons at 70

ImageI am lying on the couch waiting for my husband to finish some school stuff so we can re-watch a fantastic series from 2007 called “Life”. Very spiritual although it’s a cop show.

Anyway I have basically overexercised my foot and I can’t really walk much until it heals (quickly I pray). It’s really hard to not be able to do everything for myself because my husband, God bless him, has a very big and very time-consuming job for someone of any age and Friday he’ll be 79! and also, he is not great at household stuff. Always willing but sort of a clutz. I figured out that he could bring me simple things to the table I hobbled over to and cut tomatoes, scooped cottage cheese onto a plate and added a few olives. I forgot I really like simple food and even boring cottage cheese was good (thing learned).

Also, it’s amazing to find the words “overexercise” and “Maia” in the same sentence. I’ve always resisted and had to force myself and now just when I’m good with it, I have to really watch it because 70 year old bodies (or at least this 70 year old body) is fairly delicate (thing learned).

Sometimes it kind of pisses me off that I have to practice what I preach. I teach that there is a gift or a blessing or something to learn from everything that happens. Sometimes I get mad at God for not keeping things smooth for me, after all, I’m such a good person, but God apparently has a sense of humor and a unique way of teaching me what I have to learn.

So I learned:

  1. Eating cottage cheese and veggies is good food.
  2. Protecting my body is a good idea. It’s not being a baby. It’s really being realistic.

And, BTW, I know that lots of older people break hips and things from falls. Well I fell in my own house on Wednesday and I just took if very easy and I have nary a bruise or a hurt anything. So #2 is subheaded “protect my body and know that it’s a good one.”

Having a Mindfulness of My Age

Law of Attraction and Aging

With our human mind’s penchant for assigning meaning to things, we have all assigned meanings to certain ages. I know you will easily be able to imagine a 2-year-old, a 22-year-old, a 70-year-old. Easy, you say. You may all have a different picture of each age because your mind assigns it one “look” and mine assigns it another but it’ll be close. I’d guess that this is somewhat societally and/or culturally influenced also. But if we could draw what we imagined, we’d probably often have a similar picture.

maia_headshots108Other places on this site and other things you might have read have informed you how we create our lives. We have a thought; the thought creates feelings; our feelings create a certain vibration; our little super highway in our brains, our neuronet, keeps thinking the thought and we keep creating the feelings which create our predominant vibration and – voila! – it (whatever we’ve been thinking about over and over) is created in our lives. So over and over and over we think and picture and feel about being 35 or being 60 and when we get there to that age, there we are. We created just what we thought of over and over and over.

I am 71. My mother died at 57 so I don’t really know what a 71-year-old woman looks like in my family – and that’s a good thing (not good that my mother died so young but good that I have no picture of it). So I just look like and feel like a person who has woken up each morning for over 69 years, breathing and in the same body.

So to me any age means how long you have woken each day and fulfilled the requirement of breathing through that day . That’s all it means.

So what does age mean to you? The thing is, you are free to choose.

What I’m Learning (& Why I Hate It)

For many years I’ve had weird symptoms which I finally learned in November is radiculopathy from spinal stenosis (Spinal stenosis is narrowing of the spinal column that causes pressure on the spinal cord, or narrowing of the openings (called neural foramina) where spinal nerves leave the spinal column.) I hurt a lot and often and big time at night.

I also teach that every situation has one or more gifts or blessings and so I pretty much have to look for those gifts and/or blessings myself.


That is one of the things I am clearly seeing. I do need to be heard about how hard this is but, taking the advice from my Wise Fairy God Mother, I really try to keep it to no more than 15 minutes a day. If I go on about any longer, I chance being stuck in a negative, feeling sorry for myself place all day – and that just adds to the burden.


My husband is a lovely and loving man. No one has ever cared about me the way he does. And he has been called to act on “for better or worse” a whole lot since October or November. I had reached the place where I could hardly walk and needed much care and errand running – even in our small apartment. But he is not impervious to the emotional space that I am in and he needs love and attention too. So I am going to start journaling my “stuff” first thing in the painful morning and relieve him of some of my complaining verbalizations.


Physical pain is hard to ignore. Nerve pain is hard to ignore. It has often made sitting and sleeping hard or near impossible.

My husband was telling me the this morning that because I’m a born teacher (look around the site), I will be helping people with this and that teachers who teach by example (which I am), must experience things in order to not just be spouting information but really getting to someone else’s heart.

I’m sure there is more and I’m sure I’ll be writing more as I journey through this new adventure in my life. And to end on a positive note, I have found treatment that I believe will work and has already shown some positive results.