I’m a great believer in life happening just exactly when it’s supposed to. (Not that I always remember that but that’s one of the challenges of being human.) Over the past few years I have had a great spate of not only life but my business, “happening”.

I am a teacher and coach. I am a creator of great personal/spiritual growth programs but I am not a business woman per se. I am also not a lover of working alone or in a vacuum. My partner, who is also my husband, has been my creative partner in the past. We are a perfect foil for each other. He sees the world one way and I another. We also share most values.

Life does have a way of happening. Now he’s busy being a high school teacher, having started at age 70. Amazing man! But I haven’t been alone in my pursuits. I have had wonderful women who have trained to be YOU University coaches who have made their indelible and loving marks on the program. So my thanks go out to the Universe for sending them my way and to each and every one of them no matter where they are and what they are doing today.

Who I Am

I have a spent a good deal of the last 40 years involved in the human potential movement. I started going to 12-Step meetings in 1980 and continued learning and growing – spending years working with John Gray of Men Are from Mars fame. Ultimately I founded and directed his Mars Venus Institute. I have been coaching, mentoring and creating personal development programs for the past 15 years. My role, as founder of this company, is to mentor and train new coach/instructors of YOU University and continue to create great personal development programs meant to increase your emotional intelligence.

I has been committed to an ideal of discovering who I am at my core ever since I discovered transformation was possible. I became inspired by my own growth and transformation upon consistently applying the Three Magic Secrets my 12-Step sponsor, dubbed “Wise Fairy God Mother” taught her at the beginning of her new journey.

My dedication to my own growth and creativity, has led me out of a troubled past and into the life I now dreams possible for everyone.

To contact Maia, call 310-264-5625 between 9am and 2pm Pacific or email maiaberens@youuniversityonline.com.

One thought on “Home

  1. You know I’min the boat of not being a business person either I made an app for Android it’s a really unique web development tool it took me two and a half years to write it and it still needs work but due to financial situation I had to release it a bit prematurely and it sucks because I really needed the money and it didn’t sell very well so as a result I’m thinking about going back to school and you know I don’t even know I’m writing this I just stumbled across your post here and I thought I would comment that it’s pretty hard to be successful when you are good at what you do and what you do doesn’t necessarily fit the common pattern of what would be successfulanyway have a wonderful day and I hope everyone is successful

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